How to clean your apartment before you put it on rent

How to clean your apartment before you put it on rent

Your tenants are leaving your apartment and it time to clean the premise before you put it to rent. It is crucial to clean the place before your new tenant will enter their new home. It is an extensive task in all ways, and you have to manage everything is a way that should seem to be flawless and professional in their ultimate effect. Unless you are well aware of the task take a look here for a general guideline.

Bed room cleaning:

If you have a modular bed in your apartment’s bedroom, you need to vacuum clean the interior so that the new tenant gets the clean storage for use.

  • Do not forget to spray insect killers inside the divan to keep its free from pesky pests.
  • You need to clean the carpet thoroughly.
  • Clean the upholstery, light shades, window glasses, etc.

Clean the kitchen

According to the end of tenancy cleaning Zurich protocol, you need to clean an apartment on rent in a way that it is your responsibility to your tenant to hand over them a tidy place for their healthy living. In case of kitchen cleaning,

  • You need to wash and polish the entire kitchen surface,
  • Clean the inside of the drawers and shelves. You need to clear all food stuff, plastic bags to keep the areas clean.
  • Thoroughly clean the sink area and remove water stain if any to repair and polish the area.
  • You need to make your tiles decreased, polished, and cleaned to remove the least stain of could growth amidst grout.
  • Clean the refrigerator thoroughly and before your tenants’ arrival, switch it on so that you can check its condition, as well as you can hand over the gadget in working condition to your tenants.
  • Clean microwave oven, toaster or other appliances if any so that everything remains in order. If any one of them is not working, remove them.
  • Check twice if the bin box is cleaned,

Clean the bathroom

  • You need to clean the floor and do proper sanitation of the bathroom so that it gets properly clean. Also, you need to clean basins
  • Wall tiles should be thoroughly cleaned,
  • Toilet basis should be properly clean. You need to special care for the seat; it has to be thoroughly clean.
  • Remove all old toiletries and clean the mirror.
  • All fixtures need to be washed and cleaned.

These are some of the essentials of cleaning an apartment before your tenant reaches the place. However, end of tenancy cleaning in Zurich region is an extensive job; therefore you may hire a cleaning company in Zurich to get your job done.

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