Cork Flooring Is Environment-friendly and Family-friendly

“It’s wonderful, we love its warm cozy feeling.”

“We found ours at a significant discount by doing a little price shopping and waiting for the perfect sale.”

“The cost of installing carpet is so much higher now, we decided to go with something a little more upscale and this was the perfect option.”

Cork flooring is environment-friendly and family-friendly. Although it’s not that cheap, it is able to offer a combination of having the appearance of hardwood and carpet flooring. It’s a warm, cozy, and comfortable flooring alternative, which also works well if you have pets or kids. It also requires minimal maintenance. You may want to choose cork flooring to have the coziness offered by carpet flooring and the convenience and aesthetic value of hardwood.

Some of the good points of installing cork flooring are the warmth of its surface, the cushioning it provides, its ability to repel water, its ability to withstand wear and tear caused by children, and it is a friend to nature. Its weaker point is it could be quite expensive.

Based on the information given by some families with little children, the cork came out as one of the preferred choices for flooring. It was able to address the needs that those families had.

It’s available in lots of patterns, designs, and colors, providing you with a great variety of options and alternatives. It gives a classic look and appearance, as well as complements the hardwood floors throughout your house.

Since it is manufactured using just the outer layer of cork trees, it is a lot softer than flooring made from traditional wood. When walked upon, it significantly provides more warmth compared to hardwood and closely resembles the feel of carpet under the feet.

It can repel water and other liquids and substances. For those families with children, cork flooring would work best, as any spills and other ”accidents” can easily come off without the parents losing their minds.

Along with its practical and functional characteristics, it has the look that is quite similar to traditional wood and hardwood. It can also be installed without much effort.

As stated, the downside would be the price. The cost of this type of floor covering is generally the same as the cost of flooring made from hardwood – around $6 to $10 per square foot, which is dependent on the design and quality. This cost would already include the material and the cost for installation. So, if you would be installing cork flooring on an area of 1,000 square feet, allot around $10,000 for everything. Although it is quite pricey, the look and feel of your flooring, later on, will surely prove to be a worthwhile investment. With the rising cost of petroleum, it can be about as expensive as putting in a carpet.

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