How to Clean an Axminster Carpet

How to Clean an Axminster Carpet

Axminster carpet, beautifully woven by manufacturers, uses amazingly created homespun yarn from British wool. For this reason, many regard them as one of the most popular brands of carpets in the world. Manufacturers weave that backing and the tufts of the carpet together. The weaving style for the Axminster carpet that dates back centuries ago is still not changing although there is a current style of looms and weaving techniques developed nowadays. Textures used for the Axminster carpet are loop, twist, and weave.

It is very important to clean Axminster carpets as soon as you see stains or dirt forming on it.

Here are the best ways to clean your very precious Axminster carpets:

  • It is always important to vacuum your carpet regularly because this is an effective cleaning procedure to suck off all the dust and dirt on the carpet. This will help in maintaining the appearance of the carpet so it would not be very hard for you to clean it every day.
  • Fibers of the carpet will cause wear especially if you do not remove the gravel and dust particles you see on your carpet that is why you need to vacuum it often, if possible, do it every day. Make sure that you have a high-quality vacuum that can absorb all the dust and grits on the carpet, especially if there are relatively huge clumps of dust. Empty your vacuum cleaner before you use it for your carpet so that it will be in its best working condition.
  • Vacuum as often as you can and do not wait for your carpet to get dirty first before you start cleaning your carpet. Once you laid the carpet out on your floor, you can already start vacuuming it.
  • During the first week of using your carpet, you may notice that there are several loose fibers on your carpet. You can easily use a vacuum to get rid of the loose fibers. Do not get astounded when you see that the amount of loose fibers is very dramatic. It is normal after the first few days of installing your carpet.
  • You can spot clean the carpet if you see a speck of stains on the carpet. Use a clean cloth or soft towel to blot the stains, especially if it is a liquid stains.
  • You can also make a homemade cleaning solution for your carpet. Just mix 1 cup of water with I teaspoon of laundry detergent for wool. You can also opt to mix 3 parts of water and 1 part of vinegar. Once you make the cleaning mixture, get a sponge and dip it into it. Dab the sponge to the stained area. Avoid rubbing it on the carpet because it will just spread the stains on the unaffected area and it will be more difficult for you to clean the carpet. After removing the stain, use a moistened cloth to blot the affected area to make sure that you will get rid of all the cleaning residues left on it. Put the cloth over the damped area of the carpet, and press it down to help the towel in absorbing the moisture.
  • Get an absorbent powder, spread it on the carpet evenly, and then brushed it using a cylindrical brush. Gently brush the carpet using a carpet brush so you can prevent carpet matting. When the absorbent powder dried, vacuum the carpet again to suck off all the powder residues.

Maintenance of your carpet can be very convenient especially if you regularly clean it, vacuum it often and remove the stain as immediately as you can.

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