You Could Try the Latest Innovation in Cork Flooring

Probably the laminate flooring you had primarily installed is already looking dull and old. You would love to have it refinished, however, laminate would definitely not be able to stand up when it is treated or sanded. If there would be spot scratches, you could replace the affected boards or apply a laminate paste to the small marks. If you would like to remodel the entire room, you can consider installing a new floor altogether. Rather than using expensive wood, linoleum, or plain plastic laminate, you could try the latest innovation in flooring, which is cork.

Cork floors have been installed in the past for schools and hospitals and have been a popular option for decorating in Europe. Today, the U.S. is also starting to appreciate the advantages of using cork. Because of this, manufacturers have been revolutionizing the industry by creating more colors and designs.

The best benefit of using this would probably be its contribution to the environment compared to the other flooring options. The production is very friendly to nature. This is because it is made from the bark of the cork wood tree, which is found mainly in Spain and Portugal. When material needs to be used for this type of floor or for making other things like wine stoppers, the barks of these corkwood trees are just stripped away without having to harm or cut the trees. The bark that is stripped will just be replaced naturally and can be stripped again after nine years.

Interestingly enough, the material is manufactured from recycled champagne corks. As the flooring materials are made, there is no generated waste. Cork is considered a natural and renewable resource. This makes it a great choice for homes.

One more advantage of using cork is that it has a natural waxy substance inside it, which is able to repel bugs, mold spores, and germs. This makes it the wiser option for those people who have allergies. It can also resist rotting so the minor spills would not be damaging it.

Cork is a material that is a good insulator. It can keep the coolness of your house during summer and its warmth during winter. It can lower the energy bill of your home in winter because of its capability to use energy efficiently which is better compared to Armstrong laminate flooring or discount wood flooring. It can also lessen the noise in a house or a floor because it is a perfect sound insulator.

The material also feels a lot softer compared to wood or stone flooring, ceramic tiles, or Bellawood. Your feet will have a very comfortable time when on it. A good place to have it installed would be the kitchen. This is because this is the room in the house where you stand a lot. There is a lower chance of having your brittle utensils and glass plates are broken on the cork floor compared to tiles or stone flooring. Another good thing about it is it has the ability to resist fire.

Cork also provides a durable floor surface that can withstand most of the wear and tear brought about by my daily activities. Heavy furniture that is placed on top of it could compress that particular area. However, when that piece of furniture is removed, the surface of the cork flooring returns to normal.

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