Cleaning Blinds the Right Way

Every now and again, blinds require a little touch-up, as dust and other natural debris can create not only visually unappealing shades, but can also cause allergies to occur. We recommend maintaining all blinds frequently, as this will evade the need to clean vigorously.

Non Fabric Blinds

Before even picking up a cloth, we recommend dusting around the area to remove any disturbing dust, or if you have a small vacuum cleaner, that will also do the trick. To clean vertical blinds, you wipe from left to right, while horizontal ones need to be cleaned from the top to the bottom. We suggest you use a microfibre cloth combined with a bucket of warm water and a couple of drops of washing liquid; then dip the cloth in, ensuring to wring all of the water out. There are some blinds that are flimsier than others so it’s important to take extra care with certain materials. Removing the dirt from edges can be tricky, however, twisting the edge of the cloth and getting it into the corners is a way to remove stubborn dirt. Ensure you keep dipping the cloth into the warm water as this will ensure keep your blinds clean.

Fabric Blinds

Cleaning fabric blinds requires more effort, as they are more prone to get dirty. You’ll notice over time that leaving the window open causes dirt to seep through, so it’s important to not close all windows when it’s raining or there are strong winds. First, eliminate the loose dirt by vacuuming the fabric blinds with a brush attachment. If you don’t have a brush, we recommend using a microfibre cloth to wipe the excess dirt. The next step is to soak a sponge in water and a little bit of soap, we must emphasize the word “little” as an excessive amount of soap may damage the fabric. Wring the sponge and gently wipe or dab it on the fabric, depending on how much or how little is required. If too much moisture has seeped through, get a towel and dab it onto the affected areas.

If you’re fearful of trying to clean the shades yourself, contact a team of experts.

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