Ditch the Rubbish

Ditch the Rubbish

It can be difficult to part with things, especially for bespoke items or materials. Difficult as it may be, clearing out rubbish is essential. There are a few occasions when you may need to get rid of mass amounts of waste such as:

  • Spring cleaning
  • Demolition
  • Home renovation
  • Moving
  • Garden cleanup

When to Hire a Skip

Any time that you need mass amounts of rubbish removed, you should hire a skip. There are certain materials that can be disposed of with the normal garbage, but there are so many materials that have to be properly disposed of.

It’s hard to keep track of which items are recyclable, which are rubbish, and which materials need special handling. Hiring a skip takes the headache away from you. You can throw away nearly anything in these skips, and the dedicated professionals who supplied the skip can do the sorting for you.

How Big of a Skip Do I Need?

As you look into skip hire prices in Wolverhampton, you’re going to see different sizes of skips for hire, and the dimensions could make your head spin.

Small skips that hold two to three cubic yards of waste are best for small clean up jobs such as when you’re getting rid of waste in your garden. This could include piles of leaves or dead trees.

If you’re demolishing or renovating a space, you’re going to have lots of waste that needs to be removed. For these jobs, you’ll want to hire a skip that can hold at least 10 cubic yards of rubbish.

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