Why You Should Get an Ikea Kitchen


  1. Top of the line.

IKEA has upgraded to a new system, METOD, that is as beautiful as it is functional. One thing we particularly love in the new system is the upgraded quality of countertops, handles, and doors, which make them easy to clean and long-lasting.

  1. You can put the kitchen together entirely yourself if you’re so inclined.

Some people see DIY as a matter of pride; others as one of convenience. Got the desire and ability to put cabinets together? If so, you can handle your IKEA kitchen installation on your own. It’ll save you some money and time, but you might do well to still consider bringing in a professional (see our conclusion for reasons why.)

  1. Customize, customize, customize.

Mix and match from the many options available in the new METOD line. Or get some IKEA cabinets and then, if you so choose, custom-make your own fronts.

  1. Peace of mind.

So long as you have an IKEA installer do the work, you get a 25-year warranty, guaranteeing that you’ll never have to worry in the case of some kind of damage (and it’s a kitchen, so there’s bound to be!)

  1. Never fear!

In the same vein as #4, IKEA also makes it very easy to replace parts of your kitchen later on if they’re damaged or you just need to switch pieces out.

IKEA’s cabinets, countertops, and other assorted kitchen furniture are priced so reasonably that you can put together the kitchen of your dreams and still have some money left over.

You can’t go wrong with their countertops.

While IKEA’s signature is undoubtedly their beautiful wooden countertops, which serve as an ultra-functional focal point for kitchens, if you’re looking to switch it up, said countertops now come in a variety of other materials such as acrylic.


While IKEA is fantastic, it does have a few limitations.

  1. Some limitation in designs.

IKEA has standardized furniture—that’s just part of their business model. You look through their assortment of designs and choose what suits you best. If you can’t find something that works, then it can’t be custom-made or adapted and you’ll have to go look elsewhere.

  1. The drawers have an odd little flaw.

Though this feature has been improved in the new METOD system, you’ll still find IKEA’s bottom drawers are simultaneously deep and shallow—you can put a lot of stuff inside, yes, but the sides are low enough that the stuff then often tumbles out. This then limits your use of the storage space. It would frankly make more sense if IKEA turned those last big drawers into a few smaller ones.

  1. Odd-shaped kitchens prove a bit of a challenge.

Depending on the shape of the kitchen area, IKEA’s standardized furniture could be hit or miss. The company doesn’t have much in the way of furniture that makes use of those odd little wasted spaces every kitchen has.

  1. Colour options are limited.

As beautiful as IKEA’s furniture is, the colour palette isn’t particularly varied. If you’re looking for a wider range of options, you’ll need to look elsewhere. In that same vein, be aware that some of their “white” cabinetry isn’t quite a pure white shade. It’s a little bit softer, leaning more toward off-white or cream.

  1. IKEA installers aren’t always easy to chase down.

They’re busy, what can we say? So you may not get immediate callbacks on your questions. Or you may have to make the calls yourself. You may find your kitchen installation is a bit delayed since you have to adapt to their schedule. You pay $99 for an initial consultation, and it can be a little hit or miss on whether that person, with their jampacked schedule, can spend as much time as necessary discussing your specific needs.


With all of the above in mind, IKEA still provides a great product for the price and it’s well worth your time to investigate. One way to avoid a few of the “not-so-good” things is to hire an outside party to do your IKEA kitchen installation.

The best way to go about this to hire someone to give you a quote on your kitchen space prior to meeting with an IKEA consultant. That way you have a baseline to compare and contrast from. A custom kitchen designer may be able to offer you some great ideas for using dead space or making maximum use of an odd shape. The key is to be honest. Let them know you’re thinking about IKEA and inquire about their services in comparison.

In the end, we highly recommend IKEA for their kitchens overall, and even though you’ll be forfeiting the 25-year warranty, having an outside party help you with the installation, and maybe even do a little customizing, could be well worth extra time and money

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