3 Reason To Have A Moon Lamp In Your Home

On a clear evening, you have probably sat outside looking up at the stars and witnessed a full moon. It’s captivating glow takes over you and has you asking many questions about the existing of the moon, and even our universe. 

Many times you have probably thought that the moon seems so close, almost touching distance, yet in reality, it is millions of miles away, floating in our solar system. 

Many of us dream to visit the moon and look back on earth only to know what the feeling must be like. While for many of us, this will be a dream, however, there is an alternative solution to having a moon effect in your own home. 

Lunar Effects have created 3D moon lamps in Australia designed to make these dreams a reality, without having to join a NASA program or maybe even wait for Sir Richard Branson’s spaceship voyage. 

We have detailed three reasons below why you should have a moon lamp in your home. 

#1 A Replica Of The Actual Moon 

One good reason to purchase one of these beautiful lamps is in the perfection of the design. Using the 3D technology, Lunar Effects have used real NASA imagery of the moon’s surface and taken this to create the beauty of the moon, including craters on the moon. 

This will be evident the moment you turn the lamp on. Not only that, but the lamps come in three touch colour, meaning you can choose the type of light emitted from the lamp. These aim to be as life-like as possible, with colours ranging from cool white to warm yellow. 

All of these colours are truly beautiful to experience and really set the tone and mood in your home. 

Lunar Effects offer four different sizes for you to choose from, but not only that, they have named each size after the Galilean moons of Jupiter, which are the four largest. They have the 8cm named Europa, the 12cm named IO, the 15cm named Callisto and the 20cm named Ganymede. As you go up in size, the detail of each lamp becomes evident. 

Made from PVC, they are extremely rigid and of good quality feel. Not like some lamps we have experienced which feel thin and easily breakable. This material is eco-friendly using 3D printing. 

Not only that, but Lunar Effects goes the extra mile to customise your lamp with the wooden stand. Each stand is laser engraved with ‘Lunar Effects’ one side and the name of the moon on the other. This really gives it a personal touch compared to other moon lamps on the market. 

#2 Touch Design and USB Port With Rechargeable Lithium Battery

It is important that the design looks good and nothing gets in the way of the beauty of the lamp. Lunar Effects moon lamps ensure that the charging port and touch-sensitive switch to turn on and off is located at the bottom of the lamp, so it does not affect the aesthetics of the lamps. 

The tiny metallic sensor only requires a small touch in order to turn the lamp on to a cool white. Another touch will see it switch over to a warm white, then another touch will change it to a warm yellow. Each colour adding a marvellous glow to your home. 

The USB port is also nice and discreet – not too big to affect the look of the lamp. Each lamp comes with a USB cable for easy charging. Once you plug in the moon lamp, you will see a blue light glowing from the bottom to indicate that the lamp is charging. Once complete, this will turn off and the lamp is ready to go.

Lunar Effects use only quality lithium batteries in the lamp which are tightly secured for safety. These batteries are designed to last for around 300-500  charges, with each charge lasting between 4-6 hours, giving you a light for many hours. Full charging time is approx. 3 hours (but can sometimes take less time). 

#3 Moon Lamps Are The Perfect Gift

It would be hard to come across someone who isn’t impressed with our actual moon we get to stare at most nights. Moon lamps are also not the norm. And by that, I mean that most gifts on the market can sometimes be predictable, but many people would not have heard of a moon lamp, yet when it’s in your presence, you can’t help be amazed at its charm. 

Male or female, you’ll be sure to love this cute gift. It doesn’t even need to be a full moon at night to give this gift to loved ones, they are suitable for any time of the year. All lamps come in a box, so whether it’s for your mum, your dad, best friend or even yoga teacher, you can be sure that they will love a gift that moves away from traditional type gifts. But who says it has to be a gift for someone else…. Don’t forget yourself and give yourself your own moon lamp gift!

Heard enough and want to know more? All you need to do is head over to Lunar Effects who provide moon lamps in Australia with free Australian shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee. You really don’t have anything to lose!  

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