Designing Your First Garden (And Making It Great)

As the UK’s housing market continues to go from strength to strength, many residents are now finding themselves as owners of a property for the first time. For a number of people, this situation also includes overseeing the design and maintenance of a garden. While many will have enjoyed an outdoor space in rental properties previously, they are soon to find that keeping their own is a totally different challenge.

Owning a garden, however, should not be daunting. There are certainly a number of considerations and, for various reasons, even challenges, but the benefit and beauty that can come from a natural space beside your home is one that residents come to cherish; an experience made even easier to begin enjoying with suitable and smart design from the very beginning.

So, to help those first-time gardeners transform their outdoor space into a natural haven, we’re sharing the most important tips to consider when designing your first garden.

Control The Soil

The foundation of your garden design should be understanding and controlling the soil. If your garden’s earth has issues with weeds, infestation, or drainage, these need to be tackled before you begin laying concrete or planting vegetables. Seek help from more experienced gardeners, even neighbors, to help you understand the profile of your garden’s soil. By doing so, you’ll prevent damages and problems later down the line.

Design By Climate

When making your luxury purchases, such as rattan corner dining sets and outdoor home grills, it is important to consider your regional climate, especially considering the changeable and overall quite wet weather conditions of the UK. Be sure that every purchase is robust enough to handle the harsh weather and that it is likely to get some use. If you’re tempted by iron garden furniture, be prepared to add its maintenance to your chores!

Grow Proportionally

One of the most common pitfalls first-time gardeners experience is overwhelming themselves with excitement. Dreams of growing one’s own vegetables or having a prosperous garden full of beautiful flowers can lead some to plant more than they can manage or, worse, flora that can overwhelm or compromise others. If, for example, one is not able to dedicate the time to manage and harvest mint or courgettes, they will soon find themselves overwhelmed by its presence.

Consider The Environment

Older generations have been typically more prone to use items like weed killers, which we have since come to learn take a huge environmental cost, not only on the soil of our own property but on the bees and pollinating insects that come to visit too. While avoiding such practices is useful for local ecology, you can also boost its health with the addition of natural habitats, like bee hotels and hedgehog boxes, while also growing certain aromatic plants.

Don’t Over Spend

The garden, unlike the interior design of your home, will undergo many natural changes quickly. As a result, there are likely to occur new problems to solve on a regular basis. If your budget has been spent entirely in the beginning, you will soon find yourself unable to afford the tools or maintenance needed to keep your garden in shape. Be sure not to overspend at the beginning!

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