Affordable Ways to Make a Luxurious Home

Home renovations are often costly, but you can still create a luxurious home without having to take out a second mortgage, making them worthwhile endeavors.

Remodel Your Bathroom and Kitchen

If you can afford to remodel both of these areas, then our advice is to go for it. Modernizing these two rooms will give your home an instant facelift as they have the most potential impact upon buyers.

 Having a bidet in the bathroom immediately lends itself to be luxurious as well as environmentally friendly, which, along with an antique bathtub that has been transformed into an item fit for a 21st-century bathroom, will appeal to many buyers. If the room only has a shower, trade the plastic curtain or standard cubicle for a modern, frameless glass space with a water-saving showerhead.

Update your kitchen with modern, ‘green’ appliances to reduce your family’s carbon footprint. If you are going to dispose of your old kitchen items, do so in an environmentally responsible manner.

Intelligent High Tech

Few average homeowners can boast of being able to control every aspect of their home, from lighting, appliances, and climate control, from their mobile phones or tablet computers; that is why ‘smart’ homes rank high on the luxury scale.

Manicured Gardens

The garden is often the first focal point of a property. A lush, green space with a pristinely manicured lawn and flowerbeds that are filled with fragrant blossoms will bring an air of opulence to your property.

Adding a log cabin to your garden is a budget-friendly way to increase the value of your property. These versatile outbuildings are gaining popularity with homeowners because they can be utilised in a myriad of ways.

Bring the garden indoors by including pot plants in every room; not only for their numerous health benefits but also for their ability to create a statement.

Accent Walls

Wallpaper, especially the type with a textured look and feel, is making a comeback in design circles. A papered accent wall is a great way to add a sense of extravagance to a space, especially when paired with pieces of well-placed vintage furniture.

If papering the walls does not appeal to you, add a splash of paint to the walls for an inexpensive, but notable change. Neutral hues are often associated with a feeling of luxury.

High-Quality Linens

Pamper yourself and your guests by investing in some high-quality linens. All-white linens, of a high thread count, made from percale or sateen are the ultimate extravagance for any bedroom. They will also last you for at least a decade.

Having the heavy, fluffy towels in the bathroom is another way to bring indulgence into your home. They serve many purposes; aside from the obvious, they add color to your bathroom, and can also be decorative in nature when not in use.

There are many other ways you can make your home a more luxurious space without breaking the bank. We hope the tips we’ve offered have sparked some ideas within you. Enjoy your next design project!

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