Two Design Changes That Will Brighten Your Bathroom

Looking to spruce up your bathroom? Want to find a great design for it but don’t know where to start?  This article will point you in the right direction. A bathroom is one of the most important rooms of any house and can usher in some highly creative and enjoyable designs. 

You spend time in your bathroom every day, so you definitely want it to look good and feel modern and stylish. What will make your bathroom’s design stand out? Cabinets and countertops are the two anchors that one can build a design around. They are used often and can set the stage for the rest of your accessories like towels, rugs, wall art, or accent tiles in the shower area.  


In a bathroom, colored cabinetry is the best and most effective way to add personality to your design. You can get creative with your colors, making them stand out yet meld and blend with the rest of the bathroom décor. Homeowners are so accustomed to seeing white and espresso vanities that when a different color is used, it feels luxurious and custom. If you want your bathroom to look pleasing and stand out, try a colored cabinet. Not only does the color matter, but the look of the cabinet matters too. Do you want grooves in them? Handles or no handles? What trim will they boast and what size will they be? The possibilities are endless.


After you finished picking out the color and look of your cabinet, the countertop is the next decision. The countertop is important since it is just as noticeable, if not more, than the cabinets. You’ll want to choose a different color countertop compared to the cabinets, yet one that still flows with the arrangement. Bright colored styles may contrast well with darker tone cabinets. Material greatly contributes to the style, with granite, quartz, and marble is a few of your choices. The right designs will make your bathroom shine!

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