Questions to Ask Tree Service Companies before Hiring Them


Tree removal or any kind of complicated tree-related work is a risky job. That’s why it requires the help and expertise of professionals. If you need to get a tree removed or trimmed or stump ground, you can search for “tree service near me” and hire professionals for the job. However, you need to ask the following questions before you hire a tree service company.

The Questions

1. Are you insured and licensed? – Whenever you hire a tree service company or any contractor for any kind of home improvement or landscaping job, make sure that the company is licensed. When a company has a license, it shows that it’s a serious and legit business that follows regulations and guidelines while they do its job. Otherwise, two people with a ladder and chainsaw and no experience can pitch you a dirt-cheap rate but mess up the job.  You also need to make sure that the company is insured to protect both your property and itself from liabilities. Ask for a copy of their insurance policies so that you know the company hasn’t cheaped out on essential coverages. Make sure the policy has worker’s compensation and protects you from liabilities.

Liability coverage makes sure that you get compensated if the tree removal company damages your property while they are at the job. On the other hand, worker’s compensation provides compensation and medical expenses for workers if they get injured on the job at your property. If these coverages aren’t there, you may be held liable for those compensations and damages and may end up paying thousands of dollars.

2. Can I get a thorough estimate? – Even before you make your decision, a professional and reputed tree company will provide you with a clear estimate for the project. The estimate lets you know what you can expect. Moreover, estimates allow you to compare different services in the market. Looking at the estimates you can figure out which companies are charging you too less and who are charging you too high.

While you can avoid overpaying by comparing estimates, it doesn’t mean you should go with the lowest rate. An excessively low rate may indicate a few problems with the company. They may be inexperienced and charge you with hidden costs midway through the service or they may have skipped out on insurance.

Go through the estimated breakup and scrutinize it carefully to figure out what’s included in the fee structure. Moreover, since you’re going to compare those estimates, you won’t be able to hire a company immediately. Ask the company how long they would honor the quote. Don’t rush into the contract if the company isn’t willing to honor the quote after a week. They are just trying to rush you into the contract so that you don’t go to other contractors.

3. How many years have you been in the industry? – You also need to know the experience of the tree service company. When a company has several years in the business it shows that they know everything about running a business and tree removal. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to give you competitive rates while sustaining their business.

You can also ask the company about their experience in a particular job. For instance, if you have a living cherry tree that’s showing signs of diseases and dead or weak branches, it’s best to hire companies who have a lot of experience handling that kind of tree. It can allow you to save your precious tree with minimal damage and also correct problems for future protection.

4. How do you plan to do the job? – When you have a complicated project, each company will have a different approach to solve the problem. For instance, if you have a tree with weak and hollowed branches, ask the company how they will solve the problem. The approach helps you know if the company is right for you.

For instance, if you want to save the tree and the company doesn’t even entertain discussion on that topic, it’s best to avoid them. This question also helps you weed out the crapy bunch and opportunists who are trying to make a quick buck without knowing what they’re doing. For instance, if most companies have the same approach and one of them has a radically different plan, they may not know what they are doing.

5. What will you do to protect my property? – While removing or saving a diseased tree is very important, it’s not more important than your home and the rest of your home. Figure out what kind of precautions the tree company is taking to protect your property.

Protection measures differ drastically depending on the scope of the job. It may include installing ruts in the yard to protect your home and vehicles from falling branches or simply securing branches to the trunk before they are cut down. Most reputed companies have insurance to cover the damages. However, it’s best to avoid any sort of damage in the first place. A good company can reduce the chances of accidents with proper care and protective measures.

6. What equipment would you use? – Apart from knowing about how the company will do a job and the kind of protections they have in place, it’s also important to know the type of equipment they would use. Reliable companies that have been in the industry for several years and care about worker safety will use professional quality equipment so that the job can be done efficiently and safely. Ask about harnesses, hard hats, and other safety equipment used by their workers. A company that cares about worker safety will tend to have fewer issues at the job site.


When you ask the right questions to tree service companies, it can help you narrow down your choices to the few best in the market. Either way, it’s a dangerous job and requires the help of professionals. You can search for “tree service near me” and hire a tree service company for the job.

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