Ideas to Remodel Your Kitchen on a Budget

If you’re already giving up before you start planning your kitchen remodeling because you don’t have a big budget, don’t be discouraged! The secret to home remodelling is to change very little and accomplish a lot. Living in our house for years we tend to memorize its spaces, the appearance, the order or disorder of things and suddenly everything seems monotonous and without a joke, and we think that to achieve a change we must restructure the entire house, almost put it back. Build, when in fact it is not. With a small but substantial transformation, we can generate a whole new atmosphere, breathe new airs and fall in love with our home again. The important thing is to decide what we want to change, which elements will have the greatest effect before our eyes and, above all, which will produce a much more functional and attractive space.

And speaking of the kitchen, in this book of ideas we give you some tips to renovate it without investing more than 5000 pesos, are we going to know them?

  1. Buy new benches

Sometimes what darkens our kitchen and makes it seem opaque and dimly lit are the furniture: if they are heavy, of intense and dark colors, they only hinder the passage of light and the flow of traffic. You can change them, have a garage sale and look for a set of light-coloured chairs, backless wooden benches or, much more modern, acrylic benches: they are transparent, look radiant, modern, and elegant, sophisticated and help in lighting the room. Place.

  1. Change the color

If your kitchen remodeling is made of some material that can be covered with paint, be it wood or chipboard, it is time to change its color. Choose only some elements, the tall and slender cabinets, the upper cabinets or, if it is a dark and intense color, the recommended ones are the lower ones and leave light colors in the upper part. Combine soft colors with rich touches and lean on with decorative elements such as fruit bowls, pictures on the wall, and curtains or blinds.

  1. Integrate a bar

If there is a space where you can place a small table or bar, take advantage of it! You can do it with a wooden plate or plank, which you can cover with stainless steel, melamine or create your own mosaic with pieces of ceramic or tiles. One side can be embedded on the outermost part of a countertop or directly on the wall, and at the other end put legs, in some furniture stores they already sell these pieces of different dimensions and they are only screwed to the wood of the table. Add a couple of benches and you have a kitchen with a breakfast bar!

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