How to Build a Brick Fire Pit at Home

A fire pit is a point in the house where one can be cozy or even b a great place for grilling. For those who wish to sit back and relax or even cook food outside in order to give the kitchen appliances a break then this would be the best project for them. If you want to know how to build a brick fire pit, you will have to go through various steps. In order to build a fire pit you first have to choose an open area in your home that can be a small out of the way place where you wish to put the pit and clear it. You can start by digging a small trench where the brick can lay in a circle pattern.

If you want to know how to build a brick fire pit you will need a number of tools as well as materials and this will include a rake, a shovel, a level, a gravel and bricks. In order for you to choose the right area to build a pit, it is important to avoid places that are near trees or bushes because they catch fire easily. It is also necessary to keep away from power lines. The first step will be to dig a hole using the shovel on the chosen site which can be of any diameter with the depth being at least 12 inches although you can do deeper than that.

It is necessary to make sure that when you are digging the edges around the hole should be kept smooth and even and it is for this reason that a level surface will be recommended. The next step is to add bricks which can be arranged in any manner although most people refer them in a circular or oval shape. You can us the level to ascertain that the bricks are aligned and are of the same height and after making sure they are you can add the next layer and then use the level again until you are satisfied with the number of layers.

When you reach the top most level, you should sprinkle some gravel on them and add more rock layers if you wish. This can also be alternated with gravel, which should be sprinkled around the brick fire pit. This is meant to prevent bush or grass from being reached by the heat. When building a brick fire pit it is best to keep the height below 20 inches because if it is too high it will be difficult to manage the fire. You should also make sure that you leave a small gap between the bricks in order to let air get through and this will in turn allow the fire to burn smoothly as well as consistently.

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