Effective Strategies to Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small insects primarily found in dirty places, and they feed on peoples’ blood through biting and sucking, mainly at the bed. Many people are looking for ways of controlling these insects faster because every morning, they wake up and find bed bugs bites on their bodies.

Below are some of the effective methods of controlling bed bugs:

Identify all infested areas.

Though it is tiresome to detect a small infested area, this measure is essential in controlling bed bugs. Bed bugs are primarily found in cracks on bed frames, baseboards, joints of furniture, and even in roof ceilings. Try your best to look for all these areas before you start killing. If you are faced with difficulties detecting the infested area, you can contact Centralia pest control experts, and they will assist you.

Thorough cleaning of infested beddings and space

As pointed out, earlier bed bugs survived in a dirty environment; thus, keeping the place clean is one of the key strategies in controlling bedbugs. It is advisable to wash the beddings and other clothing using a suitable detergent and warm water.

Dry them at the highest heat to kill such insects. Also, ensure that your furniture, like beds, baseboards, and switch covers, is clean. Maintain a high level of cleanliness on the plastic bags and their seals. Wash and vacuum the floor if possible. A steam mop and a drier are recommended because this heat can kill bed bugs together with their eggs.

Contact a professional immediately

Don’t wait too long to call for a profession, as this may give bed bugs room to spread to other parts of the house. Once the trained professional accesses your room, cooperation is required of you. They should be able to access your room conveniently. Allow them to investigate every corner of the house, whether in closets or beds, to spot and kill bed bugs.

Use of insecticides.

Several insecticides are found in the market but look for EPA-registered pesticides to kill bed bugs. The commonly used chemicals include; Pyrroles, pyrethrins, and pyrethroids. Apply them with a lot of care because improper handling of such chemicals can endanger your health, and others may cause fire explosions. This method cannot end bed bugs ultimately because spraying will not reach into cracks, so try also other methods for efficiency.

Regular inspection to look bedbugs Presence

After a few days after treatment, carefully find out if bed bugs are still there. Some maybe are left out during the first cleaning or eggs may have been hatched.


Once the bed bugs have not disappeared completely, don’t give up but try alternative methods of controlling them, for example, applying different chemicals. Pay attention to cracks and furniture joints during retreatment. It is now necessary to seek help from a professional exterminator when the bed bugs are not wiped out completely.

Final thoughts

Having bed bugs doesn’t mean that your place is dirty because one can move to a new home with the insects already or purchase second-hand furniture with bed bugs. Once detected, take precautions and apply the above methods to get rid of them. Make use of trained professionals at your place to control bed bugs.

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