Benefits of Candle Holders and Lanterns in the Home

Candles have numerous uses in the home, and a decent percentage of the population uses them regularly. Candles are not steady, and they can easily fall and cause fires and other accidents. This is the main reason why people use candle holders and lanterns. Placing a lighted candle on just any base is risky, and it is an inevitable disaster waiting to happen. Some people put their candles directly on the table or use other alternatives as holders such as plates and glasses in the kitchen. There are numerous benefits of using candle holders and lanterns in the home. We discuss some of them below. 


Candles need a safe and secure base to minimize the risk of accidents. Holders provide this base and avail the necessary support to ensure that the candle does not tip and fall over, causing a fire. The lanterns, on the other hand, are larger than the holders, and they tower over the candle providing more support incase the candle tips from the holder. Lanterns tend to be bigger than holders; hence, one can see them as they are going about their duties. This contributes significantly to securing the lighted candle and guaranteeing safety. When buying candle holders and lanterns, ensure that they are stable and robust for the best performance.

Aesthetic appeal 

Initially, candleholders and lanterns used to be functional pieces. Over the years, this has changed with manufacturers bring beauty pieces to the market that are appealing to the eye. Items in this category can be used as aesthetic pieces that improve the appearance of where they are placed. This is not to say that all candle holders and lanterns in the market are for beauty purposes. Some people prefer to have minimalist pieces to serve the functions that they are designed for only. The designs, colors, and shapes vary from one brand to the next, presenting multiple options to buyers. 

Prevents hot wax spillage 

Hot wax melting from the candle can spill onto surfaces, causing havoc. Holders have features that ensure the spillage is contained and does not get to spill. The hot wax from candles can cause skin burns, so it is essential to have a holder in place. Other than burning a person’s skin, hot wax spills can spoil the table and other furnishings that it can get to. Cleaning the wax from the surfaces is a tedious task and having candle holders eliminates this task. 

Candleholders and lanterns have numerous other benefits within the home. They are functional and beautiful pieces that one can use during an event to elevate the space’s aesthetics. Some units in the market are also statemented pieces that create a certain theme and feeling in the house. When shopping for any accessory that fits in this selection, one should ensure that they go for pieces that will fit within their home without any issues. Some holders are also versatile and can be used for other functions within the house other than just holding candles.

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