15 Best ideas for Baby’s First Birthday:

Congratulations! To you because you are now a parent of the 1-year baby. Baby 1st birthday came once in your lifetime. You will never like to miss this day which happens once in your whole lifetime. I know how much happy both of you are on your baby first birthday. That’s a moment of your life which you want to enjoy. You want to make this day memorable. Check our ideas before your baby’s first birthday. Your little effort can make this occasion very beautiful and splendid filled with the cute baby birthday. We have everything every idea (containing an invitation for the baby birthday to end of party) you need for your baby birthday.   

Your baby is at 1, and it’s time to enjoy the party! You need the best ideas to plan the party because it is the first part of your 1-year child. Am pretty sure that you are too much excited for this occasion and you would try to get best ideas to celebrate this occasion. Now here am going to give you the idea for your baby birthday.   

Party Timing:  

Plan the party for your birthday child for just on an hour and a half because the child has low stamina, and they run out of energy quickly. You keep in mind that party timing should be late morning or late afternoon when your child is not tired.   

Party place:

Choose a better party place where your baby feels comfortable. If your home is too small and you want to invite some guests then choose a family hall or social hall for the party. You can select a relative house or any hall for the party.  

Party Guests:  

Just invite your Vip’s guests at the party because the 1-year child does not like to much noise and gathering. In this aging Baby like to be in her mother’s lap in this age.   

Ask for Help:   

Ask for help from any member of your family to arrange this big day of child birthday because you cannot do this lonely and you also do not want any deficiency in your party.   

Balloons for babies:  

Babies in their little age love to play with balloons. You try to buy a helium kit or Mylar balloons instead of latex or foil. It will save your money. Just hang the aircraft with the roof. Do not put them on the floor because they can frighten your baby with their loud bang voice.  

Make A Play Ground:  

Create a playground in your birthday palace and filled it with toys because babies in this age love to play with toys and these kinds of things. Put the chairs around the play zone for parents to sit there to relax and watch their child. You also can arrange music in your playground as it is a good game like dancing with your baby. Baby will like it and enjoy it more. The baby also wants to find the hidden toys like hidden under the cloth or in a box. It is also a good game for the babies. Wrapping paper will be more fun for the baby than a birthday gift.  

Food for the Party:   

Keep your party food simple because a lot of it will waste on the floor at the end of the party. Finger food is best for both babies and elders. Some of your guest babies have teeth, and some of them are toothless so keep in mind everything. Tiny sandwiches with cheese cut up fruits, pasta spirals and mini yogurts are good options. Your little guest will eat every little thing so aim for variety of cakes and texture, not quantity. Do not serve hard thing like hard popcorn candies because babies will not be able to eat them so they will waste. Do not forget to take a delicious birthday cake because it is the priority of everyone at the birthday party. You also can serve cupcakes for everyone including your birthday child. Do not allow any baby to get close to the candles because babies will grab the torches and their hands could burn.  

Hiring any DJ:   

Do not take tension about hiring a DJ or not because a baby in this age does not remember anything. It does not matter for the child in this age that his/her parents celebrate their birthday party with family members or anywhere else.   

Save the Moments:

Do not forget to hire a camera operator because this is a moment of happiness in your life. You cannot forget to save every moment of this party. When your child grows up you will show to them all the preserved moments of his or her first party.  

Expenditures on the Party:

According to a search more than 5000, parents like to spend less than 50$ on the baby first birthday party. 50$ to more 500$. Sixty percent of the peoples spent less than 50$. Almost near about 30 percent of peoples like to pay between 200$ to 500$. Less than 11 percent peoples spent more than 500$ on the parties. Party expenditures depend on you. It’s up to you that how much you want to spend. It’s up to you what kind of party you want.   

Birthday Presents:

Birthday presents are essential for you to at that time because at that age your baby is not able to consider those things so that you will check all the presents and everything given by your guests. Mainly at the age of 1 2- or 3-years people the birthday gifts are mostly toys or clothes for the child.  

That’s the way by which you can enjoy your baby first birthday. That must be a memorable day for you. You and all the guests should remember that party.  

Thanks for being here and reading all the article. I am sure you must like our idea!


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