Why Property Investment In Romford Is A Good Idea?

Romford is a large market town, located in the London Borough of Havering. The area is located halfway between the UK’s busiest capital city and the peaceful countryside of Essex. Romford is a very popular location for people looking for an affordable property or a good investment option.

Renowned estate agents in Romford have confirmed that the area is quite in demand for a few years now. With several shops and nightclubs distributed throughout the area, people staying here will not miss out on anything. The area is also covered with greenery and has ample places for the children to play. Romford is also a very safe area with a low crime rate and high employment rates. With all these features, there is no doubt that the demand for investment properties is quite high here.

History And Culture

Romford’s famous market dates back to 1247, which means that the town thrives on history. The railway line was introduced here in 1839, which made commuting to London easier. It is now the principal town of Havering with a population of a few thousand.

Types Of Property

Talking to estate agents in Romford, you would know that the area is equipped with different types of properties. From three-bedroom single-family houses to smaller apartments, everything is available in the area. This means, that if you are an investor then you will have a lot of options to choose from. 

Property Prices

One of the biggest concerns for any investor is the property prices in the given area. The property prices in London are very high for obvious reasons, however, the current prices in the Romford area are much lower when compared to the capital city. But due to its proximity to London and availability of all required amenities, the property prices are gradually increasing in this area. So, this is the right time to invest here.

Rental Prospects

If you are an investor, you would want to get the max benefits from your investment. To get that, you can always consider the rental prospects. With so much convenience being available, Romford is a great place for buy-to-let investments. The area has previously shown to have the highest rental yields in the country.

Thus, it can be concluded that greater convenience, affordable accommodation, more job opportunities and easy communication is drawing more people to the area. This can be understood from the recent data, where it is seen that several British people are moving here from other regions, whereas only a few people are leaving. The Crossrail has made commuting quite easy from Romford to neighboring places in the UK, at an affordable price. Also, the area is the perfect mix of town and countryside life. It offers everything that people would love to have in their neighborhood.

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