Best whole house water filtration system

With this mini tap you drink deliciously filtered Clean water from a separate tap, especially for use as pure drinking water. This is the combination of the tap with the filter holder and the filter cartridge.

Mineral water from your tap:

The best water is ‘spring water’, also called natural spring water. This is water that has been filtered by nature very slowly, sometimes for hundreds to thousands of years. You will find a number of these water sources spread across the Netherlands. And sometimes you can even tap water there. The water sources that are far in nature have never been exposed to the pollutants we have put in the ground. And thanks to nature, this spring water is provided with all minerals that our body desperately needs.

Because most people do not live near a source, we buy mineral water in the supermarket, because we think that we can also drink that very good water. Unfortunately, more than 40% of the brands of mineral water you buy in the store are plain tap water. And thereby:

  • Bad for your wallet, mineral water costs an average of € 1 per liter.
  • Bad for the environment, but 7% of bottles and packs are recycled.

So filter your tap water and drink that natural spring water from your own tap. This way you always have the best water and the healthiest thirst quencher at home.

Filtered Clean water faucet starter set:

With this package, you have everything you need to drink pure water immediately. You get a mini tap, which you can mount next to your own mixer tap. This way you can be sure that the standard tap water is not mixed with your pure drinking water. Installing this tap is a piece of cake and can be done fine with a handy DIY silver.

In addition, you receive the Doulton ceramic water filter starter set, consisting of a plastic filter holder and 1 start filter that lasts 3,500 liters or 6 months.

Water Filter mounting tips:

The faucet and water filter can easily be installed by a handy do-it-yourselfer. There are a number of things to keep in mind.

Do you want to install it immediately when you receive your package? Then order our do-it-yourself installation kit. It contains all the couplings you need with a piece of pipe in the correct diameter.

Step 1:

Shutting off your tap water. Sometimes there is a shut-off valve on the cold water pipe in the kitchen, and sometimes you have to shut off the water throughout your house.

After closing, check whether you have succeeded by turning the tap all the way up to the coldest setting. Is water still flowing from the tap? Then the valve is not yet completely closed.

Step 2:

Then place a so-called tee to split the cold water. On one outlet you reconnect your mixer tap, on the other outlet you connect a John Guest coupling with a piece of the pipe that runs to the filter holder. The filter holder is equipped with 2 integrated John Guest couplings that you can connect the pipe immediately.

Note the arrow on the filter holder lid, the water must flow in the direction of the arrow.

Step 3:

Mount your mini faucet on your worktop and connect it to the pipe that comes out of the filter holder with the supplied John Guest coupling.

Step 4:

Make sure all couplings are fully tightened, then slowly open the water shutoff valve again.

Check that you have no leakage.

Congratulations, your mini tap is connected and for the next 6 months you will have pure water to enjoy.

Would you rather have it professionally installed?

We understand that best. We have an expert in house, who will be happy to visit you and take care of the installation for you.

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