5 Tips for Choosing an Emergency Refrigeration Provider

5 Tips for Choosing an Emergency Refrigeration Provider

In a refrigeration crisis you need an emergency refrigeration hire firm that you can depend on. Whilst many refrigeration rental firms profess to be the best, some won’t lessen your stress at a crucial moment but increase it by wasting time or charging an otherwise prohibitive sum.

Find out about the emergency refrigeration firm long before a crisis

Doing your research ahead of a time pressured situation should reduce uncertainty about the facilities and service that you receive. Keep those details to hand so if you ever need emergency refrigeration for stock to be safely stored, hygiene requirements and legislation met, you’re primed and ready to contact the hire firm.

Speak to fellow caterers, hoteliers, restaurant owners to determine who they trust and thoroughly check online reviews. You won’t have time to learn this information when a breakdown occurs so do it at your leisure.

One of the leading providers in the south of England is Icecool Trailers. Based in Newbury, this firm serves London and the south east, the home counties, the Thames Valley and the Midlands. With over 25 years of experience to call on, they have a proven record for quality.

Check that the firm has an emergency response service

Not every refrigeration rental firm has a 24/7 emergency refrigeration service

At 3a.m. you will be loathed to call around numerous companies in the hope that someone will pick up the phone. Don’t place this strain on yourself or risk food and drink standards. Know who to call in an emergency. Icecool Trailers is available 24/7, 365 days a year. They appreciate that breakdowns and malfunctions don’t conveniently occur during office hours.

Emergency refrigeration response times:

Your definition of an emergency and swift response times need to match the hire firm’s service delivery times. If their sense of urgency wavers and your emergency refrigeration doesn’t arrive quickly, maybe not until the following morning, you may find yourself throwing away unsalvageable stock, turning away business and losing market share. Dependant on distances, Icecool Trailers can arrange fully operational emergency refrigeration within 2-4 hours.

Delivery or collection?

Will you be expected to collect the emergency refrigeration facilities from the firm’s depot? Do they deliver and set up the units and at the end of hire down-power and return the unit to their premises? Time is precious. Icecool Trailers delivers, sets up and collects the facilities at the end of hire.

There’s minimal disruption to your already demanding schedule. They do not offer self-drive, because fridge vans can often work out as a more expensive solution; fuel charges, vehicle maintenance and MOT costs are loaded in to fridge van hire fees.

Flexibility is key:

Can you extend the hire period easily? What size refrigeration rental units are required? 1.8m, 2.4m or 3m? Do you need wheels or a static unit? Is the emergency refrigeration being powered via mains or generator? Indoors or outside? A leading service provider can provide the perfect hygienic, legislation meeting, well maintained solution at a competitive fee.

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